Buffy and Angel Fanfiction
Disclaimer: These are works of fanfiction and the author has received no money for them.  I have done them purely for enjoyment.
Rosemary is For Remembrance (This is unbetaed, but finished)

My Outcast State (This is unbetaed ) Spoiler warning for this one.

They Were Just Shadows  (Unfinished and Unbeated) Spoiler warning.


A Thousand Possibilities Buffy and Angel/Highlander Crossover.

This a series of stories based around the same premise.  You'll have similar characters, even similar events.  What they are is alternate universes of each other.  I'm not putting them in any particular order.

Immortal's Dance (Unbetaed, but finished)

The Long Journey Home (Unbetaed, but finished.)

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