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With Love, Buffy and Angel
With Love
This is a bit spoiliery in the beginning, but nothing too major, I think you can understand what is going on without seeing the series.  It does however have *major* spoilers for the Pretender 2001 Movie so read at your own risk.

    Daniel pulled himself home he was bone tired.  He wanted to scream at the universe for its unfairness, the Tollan civilization might be wiped out, or nearly so.  Because of the greater good, all those wonderful people, and part of it was there fault.  Theirs and the Tok'ra's for being gullible for believing a Goa'uld.  It was also the Tollan's governments fault for standing still technologically and for the cover-up.  Either way it was cut, it still wasn't fair.

    He pushed the door open and found that his lights were already on.  `No, way I'm that tired,' he thought.  “Jarod,” Daniel called out into the seemingly empty apartment.  “Are you here?”

    After a few minutes of silence Daniel sighed two possibilities either he had gone to sleep somewhere in the apartment or he was absorbed in something.  “Jarod?  Common thieves don't leave the lights.”

    “They do if they want to be found out,” came the response from his bedroom.

    “So, you are here.” Daniel said as he opened his bedroom door and found his laundry bucket on the floor along with his cloths.  “And have made a mess of my bedroom as well.”  Daniel had to smile thought; there was something about Jarod that always seemed to lighten his darkest moods.

    “Where's the handkerchief that you wiped the blood from my hand with last week?” It was direct and not exactly what Daniel expected.

    “With Janet,” Daniel said as he bounced on his heals.  And it was, she was running a DNA comparison with Jarod's blood and his.

    “And why does she have it?  Daniel, I know I said that I was separate from my family but having my DNA handy could be dangerous, for everyone involved.”

    There were several minutes of silence in which Jarod wasn't quite sure that Daniel was listening to him.  Finally he sighed.  “She's running a direct DNA comparison on it, for me.”


    “Because two weeks ago Nick told me that I was switched with another baby.  He told me that I have two lost brothers, told me that the family believed it was by an organization.”  He looked Jarod straight in the eye.  “You see of course were I'm going with this, your history is so similar, I just wanted to check.”

    “You could have told me, it would have saved me a great deal of panic,” Jarod said.  He needed to call his father, potentially their father and tell him this.  

    “Sorry, but all I was thinking about was saving you the disappointment.  I guess I should have thought that you could also see it as a danger.”    Daniel then came and sat down on the bed.  “Did what you were doing go well?”

    Jarod looked at Daniel for a moment and then nodded.  “Yes, the child killer will go to jail for a very long time.”

    “With a mortality lesson to boot.” When Jarod looked at him with surprise Daniel laughed.  “We've known each other how long?  Four years, I follow your exploits.”  Daniel said cheerfully, and then his tone changed to seriousness.  “I'm glad that your day went well, my certainly didn't.”

    “Daniel, what happened?” Jarod had heard the sadness in his voice when Daniel had come in.  

    “Nothing I can tell, because it is all classified.  But part of me wonders if we could have done more, while the other part knows that we can't make people do the right thing and sometimes when they do it is far too late.”

    Jarod watched Daniel for several long minutes, gagging what he should say; it was on the tip of his tongue to offer to `pretend' to work for the government then Daniel could tell him the problem.  Or he could just be a friend and perhaps a brother.  “You know that I can keep a secret, Daniel, are you sure that you don't want to tell me?”

    “Part of me really wants to tell you, Jarod.  That way I'll have someone outside to talk to, but I gave my word not to.  I gave my word, and I don't go back on my word very easily, besides you really don't want to know what I know.”  He turned toward Jarod then with an ironic smirk on his face.  “You'll sleep better at night.”

    Because he was still disturbed by what had happened today and by the most recent discussions he walked into the kitchen where he knew the big stack of unattended mail would be.  He'd been busy for the last few weeks hadn't thought to look through it.  He looked up at Jarod as they entered the kitchen.  “Do you want anything?”

    “Other than to know what is going on, Daniel you're scaring me.”

    “I know I am, but I can't tell you what's going on.  Heck, if I was following the rules to the letter I wouldn't have even said as much as I did.”

    “I want to ask you to break them a little more, but you aren't going to, are you?” he asked Daniel.

    “No.” Daniel then looked back down at his mail and began sorting.  Couple of bills, several pieces of junk mail.  He then got down to the personal stuff a letter from Steven (he still didn't believe that Daniel had no idea were Sarah was), package from Nick, and a manila folder from someone.  Daniel stared at the package, he didn't recognize the hand writing, and he hadn't sent away for anything.  

    Daniel stared at the package for a minute more and then his curiosity overcame his caution and he ripped open the package and spread the contents out onto the counter.  Several pictures fell out and a note.  Daniel picked the note and read it out loud.  “What is important to your world,” he looked to see Jarod pale for a moment and then grab for the pictures.  

    “Apparently, Alex knows of our connection.” Jarod tossed one photograph to Daniel.  “I know her.”

    Daniel picked the photo up and looked at it.  “Mrs. Parker,” at Jarod's surprised look he smiled.  “She stopped by once, I gave her bad directions.  Alex knows you well enough to know how deep your feelings run.  Bound and gagged, he certainly is trying to get you, Jarod.”

    “Yes, he does, and I was hoping he was dead.”  He then slid another photograph to Daniel.  “But I don't know her, I think you do.”

    Daniel picked up the photograph and gasped.  “Your right, I do, did. “ He brushed his hand through his hair trying to get his emotions and thoughts in check.  “Her name's Sha're and she was my wife.  Problem is,” he said in a low voice, “she's been dead for two years.”

    “He could have gotten a photograph of her and played with it.  It's not that hard, if you know what you're doing.  But there is fear in her eyes, your sure she's dead?”

    “I was, and there are no photographs in existence of her.  I had to draw her from memory to have her image on my desk.”  Daniel dragged his hand across her image, trying to merge the two images this and the one of her dead eyes.  “She died in my arms, I almost saved her and she died.”

    “Perhaps Alex found a double then,” Jarod offered.

    Daniel got up and grabbed his magnifying lense.  “She has a mark on her neck, a rather disguising one.”  Daniel came back and held the magnifier close to the picture after a minute he looked up.  “She has it.  My wife is alive and in danger.”

    “I know, Alex, at least his pattern we can start with that.”  Jarod looked up as Daniel grabbed the phone.  “Who are you calling?”

    “Jack, Sam, Teal'c and Janet.  My friends, they'll help us with the leg work and there's a large potential this is somehow involved with elements that we work with.”

    “You trust them?”

    “With my life, Jarod they're good people.”  He then started to dial.  “Jack, hi.  I know it's late and what happened today, but something's come up that can't wait. “There was short pause and a snort from Daniel.  “Yes, it seems to, but seriously this doesn't look like it should wait the night.”  Another pause.  “Yes, Jarod's here, and before you ask no he can't leave.  What happened it directed at both of us?”

    After another minute of conversation Daniel hung up the phone.  “He gave me permission to bring you in on the project.”

    “Good that means no more secrets.”

    “So, you say now.  There's some paper work for you to sigh I'll go get.”

Warehouse, location unknown.

    It was the cold cloth that finally woke her up.  She could have been out for days, or it could have just been hours, she didn't know at this point.  The only thing that she did know was the fact she wasn't safe, she felt that.  She opened her eyes slowly to see the face of another woman dark complexion, flowing long slightly curled black hair, and a pretty face.  She was actually quite stunning.  “Thank you.”

    Sha're held the cloth that she had wet in her hands for a moment and then nodded.  She couldn't remember what the right response to that was.  “Your welcome, “she finally said not sure if that was right or not.

    “Is that a question or a response?”

    “English is not my primarly language.  I was not sure if that was the correct response.”

    Mrs. Parker smiled; she could see the intelligence behind the eyes, as well as the kindness.  “It's correct and I think that you mean your *first * language, not primary.”

    “As I said, I am not as good at the subtleties as I am with the one I was born speaking.”

    “I understand.  Mrs. Parker,” she held out her hand for the other woman.

    “Sha're,” Daniel's wife said as she grasps the other woman's hand and shook it tightly.  She then leaned over and helped Mrs. Parker into a sitting position.

    Parker shook her head a couple more times to clear it and then looked over at Sha're, the woman had moved to the other side of the room.  She was busy tiring to figure a way out of the small room they were trapped in.  “I doubt there'll be a way for you to open it from in here.”

    “Why do you say that?”

    “I saw who took me.  I have some experience with Alex.  He's not going to leave us behind a door that can be opened, or forced open.”  

    Sha're turned to face Parker again her eyes were blazing.  “What do you wish me to do then?  Wait for this madman to do what he wants with us?”

    “No, I'm just saying the obvious way isn't going to work.  I have several guesses why Alex took me, but why you?”

    “My husband, if they have a way of informing him that I am alive and not dead.”  Sha're said as she came to sit down on the cement bench next to Parker.

    “What's so important about your husband?”

    “I will tell you this, but first you tell me why Alex took you.”

    “I want to say because I work for the Centre and he wants revenge, but it's not that simple.  Jarod cares about me. I think he would come if he thought I was in danger.”

    “Cares for you, he would get you out of danger, just because he cares for you?”

    “Yes!  He's like that, always helping people, including me.”

    “My Dani'el is that way, he always wants to help.  I know that he does some of it because of what happened to me, perhaps he believes that if he saves others it will make up for not being there for me.  But what he describes sounds more than just caring it sounds like love.”

    “Love doesn't conquer all, besides what is there to love in me. I'm a vindictive bitch, that's what they say about me.  And you know they're right.”

    Sha're put her hand on the other woman's leg.  “Perhaps they are, or perhaps you are a person who has been hurt too much.  Perhaps that is what Jarod sees in you.”  She paused for a moment and then continued.  “My Dani'el is working with others to stop groups of beings from enslaving others.”

    Parker looked at Sha're for a moment.  “Would I have heard of these `beings'?”

    “This is Earth, correct?”

    “Yes, were else could it be,” she stopped suddenly her eyes meeting Sha're's.  “You weren't kidding about the `beings' part, why would these enslavers be interested in Daniel.”

    “Because he discovered how to use the Chappia, what you call the Stargate.  With this your planet became part of the conflict.”

    Parker looked at her for long moments and then shrugged.  “You know I don't know anything about this, why is that?”

    “Perhaps your leaders simply do not want to worry the common folk.  You have been isolated for thousands of years now you are not.  The idea that our Gods were not Gods at all, but creatures was new to my people and very frightening.”

    Parker looked up for a moment and listen to her inner voice, Sha're was telling the truth.  “Okay Daniel would be important, but why me? Why you and Jarod, why not just take him?”

    “My Dani'el loves very much. He can be foolish when he believes that he might be able to get me back.  You and Jarod I do not know, but perhaps he has something that they want.”  Sha're absently rubbed the entry scar on her neck, her demon had been gone for only a few weeks.  She had expected freedom not more enslavement.  “Or perhaps Alex sees a way to finish what he started with you?”

    “Okay, but Jarod moves around a lot.” Parker stopped when she realized that she had missed a step.  “Could Daniel and Jarod know each other?”

    “Perhaps I was taken from my Dani'el five years ago, and before that he was living with my people.”

    “They could know each other, more than that the way you describe Daniel, they could be close friends.”

    Sha're tugged at one of her strands of hair and smiled.  Parker wanted to tell her how dangerous Jarod was, that she shouldn't like that.  `He would get you out of danger, just because he cares for you?' she heard Sha're's voices ring in her ears.  `Loves would probably be more accurate,' she thought.  `Then of course I would have to admit that I felt the same, which I have just done.'  “You like the idea of them as friends?”

    “Yes, Dani'el is friends with O'Neill, but he does not think like Dani'el.  He needs the ability to talk to someone.  If Jarod gave him that I like the idea.”

    “Did you do that, talk to Daniel?”

    “Yes, all the time.  He explained things to me and we would stay up hours sometimes talking about what he had found or thought.  Sometimes we just talked about the stars.”

    “You miss him, don't you?”

    “Yes, with all my heart and soul.”

    “Then we'll find a way to get out of here, to get you back to him.”
Daniel's apartment.

    The best description of what Jarod was feeling was shell shock, it wasn't unusual.  Most people who were informed of the Goa'uld felt something of it.  “It's shocking isn't it?” Daniel finally said.

    “Yes, I thought I could predict everything that could come out of your mouth, that wasn't one of them.  And you think that one of these creatures is involved in Mrs. Parker's kidnapping.”

    “I can't think of another explanation.  Sha're was taken as a host almost five years ago, she died two years ago.  This is her, she has the entry wound, and her eyes are those of my wife, not the thing that possessed her.”

    “Now all you have to do is explain how she is alive.”

    “There are several that I can think of, the most obvious is to throw her into a sarcoughicus for awhile.  It's a really great healer.”

    “Would that also heal the Goa'uld?”

    “Yes, and that's were I can't figure out why she still doesn't have one.”

    “Unless the person who did it wasn't interested in keeping her symbiant alive.”

    “But must have heard of my connection to the host, the chance to catch the Toui're man who deciphered the Stargate.  It jibes, I've got a big bounty on my head because of my brain.”

    “So do I,” he smiled at Daniel.  “At least it's because of something you did, and not just because of who you are.”

    “Feeling a little sore about the Centre?”

    “I always feel sore about the Centre; do the Goa'uld never bother you?”

    “They do constantly,” Daniel turned when he heard the doorbell.  “I'll go see who that is.” Jarod watched as he walked to the door.  “Who is it?”

    “The group of people, who you got out of bed.  Who else could it be at this hour, Danny?”  Jack grumbled from behind the door.

    “Jack, sorry, but I just wanted to make sure that it was you and not someone else.”

    Jack looked at his younger friend and teammate and then over to his houseguest.  Jarod looked to be about Jack's age, but there was something about him that bore resemblance to Danny.  “That's fine, and you must be Jarod,” he said sticking his hand out.

    “Yes, and you are Jack O'Neill.”

    “Firm grip, means you have good character.  Danny, I want to know what is going on, but first Old Doc Frazier gave this packet to give to you.”

    Daniel grabbed the packet and opened it, inside were two DNA maps, they were defiantly brothers.  And if he couldn't tell that, Janet and left a note informing him.  He had a brother named Jarod.  Daniel wordlessly handed the results to Jarod and watched his brother have the same reaction.  Wordless astonishment and joy.  Daniel finally turned to Jack.  “I asked Janet to run a DNA comparison for me, Nick told me last week that I have two brothers, who were kidnapped.  They hid me with the Jacksons when I was born, afraid the same would happen to me.  I thought of Jarod when Nick told me the story.  And the DNA results confirm my suspicions.”

    “Well, I'd say that you've had an interesting day, shit, Daniel a real interesting one.  Okay, so, I figure whoever sent you what you're going to show me in a minute figured what you figured out, right?”

    “Alex was trained like I was to use his abilities, to their maximum extent. Yes, he could have figured it out.” Jarod said, realizing that Daniel might possibly have his pretender level, yet untapped.

    “Okay, now that I know these guys connected to Jarod I want to know what's going on.”

    Daniel just walked over and picked up the pictures.  “These pictures came in the mail today.”

    Jack looked and then looked back toward Danny.  “Does she have an entry mark?”

    “Yes and the other woman is Mrs. Parker she and Jarod are close,” Daniel took a deep breath and tired to compose himself.  “I don't think Sha're is a host any longer, Jack, but what is more frightening is there is most likely a Goa'uld pulling the reins in this.  Which means that one has found a way to earth.  Dear God, Jack, one of those monsters is running around on our home.”

    The look on Daniel's face was somewhere between panic and pure exhaustion.  It had been a bad day, and it hadn't gotten any better.  “You've had a really bad day,” he then steered his friend toward his kitchen table.

    He watched Jarod sit down next to him, he didn't look as tired, but just as scared, panicked.  `God help us all, I think that a lot, but especially on days like today.'  “It never comes just by itself, does it?”

    Daniel looked at Jack for a moment and then smiled.  “No, Jack, it doesn't.”  Daniel ran his hands through his hair, he had still been thinking about the Tollan a couple of hours ago.  “I just wanted to try to get some sleep tonight, take a day off.  Then this comes, and I don't know if I can get that sleep with knowing what I do right now.”

    “We're all tired, Danny, but it can't be that bad?”

    Daniel stood up and walked over to the coach.  “It's close to five years; it's almost the anniversary of when you came back into my life.  Almost when she was taken from it, after one *fucking * year.  I don't sleep very well this time of year, Jack.”

    He'd never made the connection consciously, he knew that Daniel was a pill this time of year, but he never understood why.  He watched as Jarod sat down next to his brother and gave his shoulders a squeeze.  “I've noticed that about you, always a bit distance around this time of year.  Now I know why, I understand.”

    “I dream about what happened, about what I could have done.  I just can't seem to stop, and because of that I don't sleep very well.  And something to do with her always happens around now, just in case I'd missed noticing, like I ever could.  I found only to lose her again, she died, and now I find out she's a live but held by some sociopath.”  He looked up at the ceiling for several minutes.  “I feel like I'm curse sometimes,” he finally said softly almost too softly.

    “Then so am I,” Jarod said, he was finally beginning to understand the sadness that he always saw in Daniel's eyes.

    `Your not cursed, Jarod.”

    “No more than you, but I lost our brother when I had just found him, twice.  I can't stay in contact with our father because it might endanger him, and Emily I found her when she was hurt.  And our mother, I have only had glimpse of her.”

    Daniel nodded and turned back to the two men who had worried so badly.  “I'm sorry.  I'm not always the best company this time of year, am I?”

    “No, Danny, your not, but I'm not the best company around the time Charlie died.”  Jack came up and slapped his friend on the shoulder.  “So, let's get to work, I need to know everything about Mrs. Parker and who could be this interested in Jarod.”

    When Jack said that he saw of the men freeze and Jack just knew what they were going to tell him next he wasn't going to like.  “Jarod?  Daniel?  What's the problem?”

    Daniel turned toward his brother who looked very much like a deer caught in a cars head lights.  “I trust him, Jarod, with so much more than my life.  He won't betray you; he always does the right thing, even if it is not the best carrier move.”

    Jarod ran a shaky hand through his hair and nodded.  “I'll get the DSAs could you tell him what little you know, this isn't an easy story for me to tell.”

    Daniel nodded, he knew it wasn't.  “Jack, maybe we'd better sit back down.”

    Jack nodded and sat back down on the couch and then looked at Daniel, who was fiddling with his shirt.  “Give, Danny, what is going on.”

    “I told you that Jarod and our other brother, Kyle, were kidnapped when they were young, what I didn't tell you was by who.”

    “Danny, if it's some secret agency that we know Maybourne knew about we can deal with it, we've done that before.”

    “No, not a Government Agency, Jack, a cooperation known as the Centre.  Jarod escaped in 1997, he's been running from them ever since.”

    “Christ Jesus, Daniel, do you know why?”

    “Because of his mind Jack and our genetics.  Both Jarod and I have a genetic anomaly that gives us the ability to become anyone we want to be.  Jarod's a trained `pretender,' I'm not.”

    “So, both of you have a genus brain, so what?”

    “Have you ever wondered how I realized that the Egyptian civilization was thousands of years older than was conventionally thought?”

    “Danny, I'm not a scientist, I figured you did scientist stuff.”

    “I did, but what I also did was become those people in Egypt and I realized that we were missing something, the belief system was just too rooted.  I realized that we were looking at a civilization that had been around for thousands of years longer than I had been thought.  Now train someone to use that talent, and that person at a young age can solve the Kennedy assignation, or build a miraculous building, or solve a string of murders.”

    “They put years into him, and he's made them thousands upon thousands of dollars.  The people running the Centre don't see Jarod as a person.  They see him as a piece of property, a lab experiment that ran away.”

    “A Goa'uld would love it in that place.  Of course if I go to General Hammond he's going to want a little more than just your word, Daniel, for the Joint Chiefs.”

    “And he'll have it,” Jarod had been listening to the last minute of conversation, Daniel was right he could trust Jack O'Neill.  “They recorded every minute of my life from the moment that I was brought in to the moment that I escaped.  Mrs. Parker was raised in the Centre like myself, except she head's daughter.”

    Jack looked at the machine.  It looked straight forward human design.  “I think I can play these things without anyone's help, why don't the two of you go through the books Daniel has at home.  Maybe we'll get lucky and this isn't an up and coming Goa'uld.”

    “Before we do that, Jack, is it possible that the Goa'uld came through the Stargate?”

    Jack looked at the ceiling and then back at Daniel.  “Not with us, we do routine scans on everyone, and MRI if Doc finds anything out of wacky.  So, I guess the answer is no.”

    “Not the one we use, but what about when Maybourne was using it to steal technology.  The Goa'uld stows a way, or takes over someone just long enough to get what it needs through the Stargate.”

    Jack's eyes lit up, it made sense.  “And since that project was authorized by no one with the authority to, we have no way of knowing hours it was used and what came through.”

    “Okay I'll give General Hammond both the vessel approach and that one.  I hope it's your idea, Danny.”

    Daniel nodded and then took Jarod into his office and shut the door.  “Jack needs to decide based on the DSAs what to do next in regards to information to Hammond.  He wants to get you protection through the SGC, but he needs to see those and discuss them.  He doesn't want you there when he's doing that.  Just in case you didn't figure that out.”

    “I know, he's a good friend to you.”

    “He is and more than that, in some ways my team, we're family to each other.  I know I can count on them for almost anything, to get me through the tough times.  We deal with a lot of shit, through the SGC, and we can't go home and tell the people that we care about why we had a bad day. “

    Jarod nodded, he had always known the days when he was here and something had happened.  “I knew that there were things that you didn't tell me, things that bothered you.”

    “Yeah, things that I wanted to but couldn't, and I knew that it drove you crazy.”  Daniel looked up when Jack came in.  “So, what did he say?”

    “Wanted me to verify what you said, and then told me to get started on this concern.  He'd deal with getting Jarod protection.”  Jack looked at the two of them, Daniel was dead on his feet and Jarod didn't look much better.  “Look why don't I do door duty, Teal'c and Sam should be here soon.”

    “I should be up then, this is my problem.”

    “No, you need a good nights sleep.  I'll bring some of the sleeping backs down from the closet and we'll have slumber party.  You two go to sleep now.”

    “Sam won't be happy with you about not being able sleep in her own bed.”

    “No, but I'll tell her we don't know if this Alex is going to call in the middle of the night or not.  I just don't want you and Jarod alone in this house, considering who we are dealing with, okay.”

    Daniel nodded it made sense.  As Jack had predicted Teal'c and Sam showed up barely an hour after he sent both Daniel and Jarod to bed.  He'd explained the situation and they had all gone to sleep.  And somehow Jack had sensed something would happen and it did at about 1 am.  The harsh knocking on the door jarred Jack awake as he groggily turned the light on and went to answer it.  As he opened it he saw three men standing outside along with a team of men who looked on the order of goons.  Jack figured these jokers were from the Centre and he would take great joy in chopping them down to size.  When she saw Jack's look Sam went roust Daniel and Jarod out of bed.

    Jack stuck his head out and glared at the people on the other side.  “You do realize what time it is?”

    “We are sorry to disturb you at this hour, but we need to know if a man by the name of Jarod is staying here?” the older gentleman with the European accent said.  `Sydney,' Jack's mind filled in.

    “You know, you could have come by at decent hour just to find someone.  What do you want if for?”

    “Look, fella, why don't you get the renter of this apartment, a Doctor Daniel Jackson and we'll have this discussion with him.” Lyle said.

    “Danny's getting up.  In the mean time my name is Cornel Jack O'Neill, his friend and coworker.  So, why don't you tell me what is going on?”

    “Well, Cornell, why you don't get Daniel Jackson so we can talk to him.”

    “He's coming; you guys realize what time it is?  And on that note I want to know what's going on.”

    “We are searching for a man. We believe that Daniel Jackson may have come in contact with them.”  Sydney said trying to diffuse an already rapidly spirally out of control situation.

    “And as I told you last time,” Daniel said as he walked out of his bedroom, “I don't believe you.  I don't believe that Jarod is dangerous, that said the last time a saw him was right before you showed up.”

    “We have evidence to contradict, that Doctor Jackson, believe me you don't want to mess with my organization.”

    Daniel gave Jack a rather ironic look and then turned toward the man.  “You know when people threaten me I generally know there names, so what's yours.”

    “Lyle, Mr. Lyle, when was the last time you saw Jarod.”

    Daniel looked at Jack one more time, gave him a brilliant smile.  “That would be classified.”

    Neither Jack nor Sam could hold it in, they burst out laughing.  He'd even said it the same way that Jack did.  It was perfect.  “Stealing my lines, Danny-boy?” Jack asked between giggles.

    “Sure why not, it's such a good line, Jack.”  Then Daniel turned back to the Centre team.  “Doctor Greene, I remember that there were two different members with you, where are Mrs. Parker and Broots?”

    Sydney looked at the young man.  He saw some kind of hidden need for the answer and sadly smiled.  “We don't know, they have not been seen in a week.”  When Sydney said that Lyle slammed the door.  

    “Gee, you think they don't want him giving that information out?”

    “Yep, and I'd bet that we have the name of our Goa'uld.  I just hope he doesn't have a family.”  Jack said in a low sad voice.

    “But he does,” Jarod said as he walked out of the bedroom.  “Her name's Debbie and she's twelve years old.”

    Daniel was never sure whether it was a bonus or a draw back that the government could get them anywhere whenever they needed it.  Right now it seemed to be a drawback, so while Jack was preparing Jarod to go to Abydos he was on a plane to Bluecove Maryland.  At 5 am in the morning, it was urgent, but he hadn't gotten more than two hours sleep last night and three the night before, and he was exhausted.  “So, I understand why Jack sent you here, but why send Jarod to Abydos?”  Sam asked drawing Daniel out of his inner contemplations.

    “Because we need to get moving on this, we need to prove or disprove that Sha're is a live and the only way to do that is to check her grave.  Not something I want to be involved with.”

    “There's more isn't there, Daniel?”

    “This is too easy for a Goa'uld, wouldn't you agree Sam?”

    Sam shook her head and looked down, she couldn't face Daniel, and it was the truth.  “You are right, Daniel Jackson, it is unusual behavior for a Goa'uld,” Teal'c finally said.

    They road the rest of the way in silence, each fearing the worst.  When they finally arrived at the Broots residence it was all silent.   Daniel was running through the door and stopped struck, it had clearly been temporally converted into a palace of sorts.  “I'll check down stairs,” Daniel said in a shaky voice as he walked down ward.  He found what he had feared in the basement, an impromptu cell, but no people or bodies.  Daniel kneeled down.  He could see both of them in here.  Accepting and not accepting this prison, he gently reached his hand under the bench.  He lifted out a note, clearly in Sha're's writing.

My Dani'el,

    I write this knowing that most likely you will be too late to stop what is to happen.  We are being taken somewhere, where I do not know, but we will not be here long.  I know this Goa'uld will not keep us here long, there is no were on this planet that it could hide once you realize that I am here, and that after all was its plan.  You once told me that the Goa'uld could never take love from us, I want to remind you of that.  Nothing can ever take that away from us, not be supposed death, and not this.

    Please promise me that you will lean on your friends, and especially this Jar'od who obviously these madmen, demon and man, want as much as you.  Promise me that you will not go barging in again, I can't have that seen again, and I don't think you want to relive the out come.  My dearest, remember that what we have is special and unique and it all honesty we never should have had.  So, if the One God can bring us together across the stars, he certainly at the end of this journey can bring us back together.  Remember without hope nothing is done, and with love all things are possible.

Your Sha're.

    Daniel put the letter down written in Abydosian, so, they were gone.  Gone to God only where and now he and Jarod would somehow have to find them.  It felt in a way like being back at the beginning, and yet worse.

    Sam came rushing down the stairs.  “We found Debbie, she's a little hurt, shocky, but alright, and we found this.”  

    Daniel picked up the piece of paper.  “First match is mine, see you next time, Alex,” he read.  “How long did Debbie say they've been gone?”

    “Not long, a couple of hours, if we'd started out immediately we would have gotten them.  I'm sorry that I wanted breakfast first.”

    “Not your fault I didn't expect them to still be here, it feels like it has begun all over again, Sam.”

    “I know, did Sha're leave you that?”

    “Yes, I guess she and Mrs. Parker talked.”  Daniel got up and started to walk through the door.  “Come on, I've got to give my brother the worst news he is ever going to receive.”  With that said they walked through the door, and toward fate.


    General Hammond officially assigned Jarod as part of SG-1, until such time as this newest threat was dealt with.  The thing was that no vessels were detected, so either it had been small and indictable or there had never been a vessel.  And with both Gates present and accounted for there were few options left.  One was a ship already present on Earth and the other was that they had never left Earth.

    And somewhere in the bows of the Centre to women began to form the friendship that would get them through the months ahead, until SG-1 realized were they were being held.  

End Story One

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