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    Hi, my name's Julia Freewoman.   I'm a full-time student at Humboldt State University, in Arcata California.  I'm majoring in Environmental Science, and have started to be an active member with our Campus Recycling Program, CRP.   

     I live with my Mom and my Stepfather, while I'm going to school.  We have four animals two cats: Basette (or Bassy), and Snickers (Snickerdoodles).  Bassy is a bit of a meat loaf, and sometimes temperamental cat.  She also happens to be my baby, we got her when she was four weeks old and I kinda raised her.  Snickers is the kitten and is just great for Bassy, she makes her play and chase with her.  The result?  Bassy is a much easier to live with cat than before, but she still eats too much.

We also have two dogs Qui-Gon, yes like the Jedi Knight, (Mrs. Q), and Sheba.  Qui-Gon is a *huge* dog, he's about 110 pounds and comes up to about my hip, I'm about 5’6.  Sheba on the other hand is about the normal size for a large dog, 70 pounds.  Clearly I love my animals, all four of them.  They are quite a joy to my life, and make our family complete.

    I'm a complete and total fan fiction nut, so I've read quite a bit and have even written some myself.  If you want to go and see the various shows and fanfictions that I like you can go to my fan page.

    I also happen to be a member of the Wiccan Religion, so if you want some more information on that you can go to my Wiccan/Pagan page.


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